Прекрасный Сиверт Хёйем:


The fabulous Marie Munroe is my duet partner on My Thieving Heart, easily one of my fav tracks on the new album. She will be opening for us at Oslo Spektrum and on the Norwegian part of the upcoming tour, and will also appear during our set to perform the song with us. We're really looking forward to sharing the stage with her. This live video was captured during the recording of My Thieving Heart at Oslo Klang, and was filmed and edited by Anders Lindstad. This is the actual take that ended up on the album. It is highly likely that the song will get a more elaborate official video in the future. In the meantime though, I'm hoping this glimpse into the recording process will be enjoyable. Feel free to share it guys! swww.siverthoyem.comhttp://bit.ly/SivertHoyem_Lioness_Spotifyhttp://bit.ly/SivertHoyem_Lioness_iTuneshttp://bit.ly/SivertHoyem_Lioness_TIDALhttp://bit.ly/SivertHoyem_Lioness_Deezer

Posted by Sivert Høyem on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Трек с альбома Lioness.