Начал сейчас книжку Horrorstor Грейди Хендрикса, рекомендованную мне Goodreads. А там прямо в самом начале отличное описание такого знакомого типажа:

Trinity was one of those happy, super-popular, high-energy girls who reminded Amy of the creatures from Gremlins: she was fun for about half an hour, then you wanted to stuff her in a blender. Supposedly her parents were super-Christian Koreans, which helped explain her rainbow-colored pigtails, her pierced tongue, the tramp-stamp on her lower back, and a full spectrum of multicolored fingernails. Despite the glam-punk look, Amy knew the nails cost $125, the hair was professionally dyed, the piercing cost a fortune, and the tattoo wasn’t cheap, either. Scratch a rebel, Amy thought, and you’ll always find a father’s credit card.

Хорошая книжка! Читаю дальше.

Автор: crztsr

Sorry, I was just being the voice of a generation.

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