Дональд, дай приказ

Как же всю эту мразь продолжает корежить:
как же хорошо, божечки

It’s only a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, and at New York University, the panic is still palpable. A fellow student confessed to sobbing in a professor’s office after the election. Like me, she blamed her inactivity for Trump’s win. University halls were empty; almost no one came to lectures. My programme director sent out an email encouraging students to stay safe. I stayed up all night at home in my tiny Manhattan apartment, ate Indian takeout, and cried a lot.

Still, I am recognised as Russian everywhere I go – my brutal accent gives me away. I get asked about vodka, communism and mail-order brides. Now, I’m also asked about Russian hackers and Putin almost on an hourly basis. I can say that liberal Americans finally feel the way I do: they too have a president who does not represent their values.

И в итоге у нее, как у любой отечественной демшизы, народ не тот:

I hope that young, progressive American students will not give up. While we have failed to change things in Moscow, I have a feeling that New Yorkers – and hopefully all Americans – famous for that independent, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps spirit, will not back down.

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Sorry, I was just being the voice of a generation.

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